Brew Dice
The fun new game to play with your friends while enjoying a great beer.

For 2-4 friends. Each player gets 3 dice: 1 beer, 1 snack, and 1 coaster dice.
HOW TO PLAY: Flip over a card, and race to match your dice with what is on the card. Everyone simultaneously rolls their three dice, quickly set aside any of your dice that match what's on the card, and re-roll the rest. Be the first to match your three dice with the card, and grab the card before anyone else does! First player to get 5 cards wins! 
THE LUCKY RULE: If you are lucky enough to get an exact match on your first roll, quickly grab the card, brag a little bit about your dice skills, and then you get to steal card from another a player!

Many thanks to the fine breweries listed below that are included in the game:

  • Alamo Beer Company, TX
  • Angel City Brewery, CA
  • Bear Republic Brewing Company, CA
  • Brenner Brewing Company, WI
  • Brewery Vivant, MI
  • Concrete Beach Brewery, FL
  • Coney Island Brewing Company, NY
  • Hops and Grain Brewing, TX
  • Kinsmen Brewing Company, CT
  • Long Trail Brewing Company, VT
  • New England Brewing Company, CT
  • Revolution Brewing, IL
  • Sun King Brewery, IN
  • The Traveler Beer Company, VT

Also, many thanks to our other partners in the game:

  • Brews Cruise, National    
  • BREWVANA, OR        
  • Connecticut Beer Tours, CT    
  • Fun Beer Tours Milwaukee, WI  
  • Waypoint Spirits, CT 
  • Zephyr Adventures, Global